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Available Nuclear Medicine Systems:

  • Siemens Ecam
  • GE Single
  • Philips ADAC
  • ​Siemens Symbia

Mobile Nuclear Medicine Labs Include:

  • Gamma Camera
  • Hot  Lab
  • DICOM III digital archiving System
  • Additional equipment available upon request

#1 Mobile Nuclear Medicine Lab Provider in North America

HVIS ​provides complete turnkey service with 24 hour, 7 day a week support of every Mobile Lab.

HVIS  Rents Mobile Nuclear Medicine Labs throughout the United States and Canada.

Mobile Nuclear Medicine Rentals


Our Mobile Nuclear Medicine Labs are housed in the industry's newest and most modern enclosures. Our  8' x 48' Mobile Nuclear Medicine environments feature expandable procedure room slide-outs allowing for a comfortable and spacious environment for clinicians to work in. 


Ann Arbor, MI  United States

​​Mobile Nuclear Medicine Rental.