Modular Cath Labs Include:

Flat panel detectors

Flat panel monitoring boom

Contrast injector

Hemodynamic monitoring

HVIS Rents Modular Cath Labs throughout the United States and Canada

HVIS Offersthe newest and largest modular environments in the industry. Our fleet of modular labs has been constructed to offer a spacious and functional workspace that mirrors the in-house experience. In addition to the large procedure room space, which offers direct entry from the ground level, the expansive control room and storage space allow facilities to equip the modular environment with all the supplies and ancillary equipment necessary to provide optimal patient care. In addition to offering an optimal work environment, the innovative and exclusive design of our modular environments eliminates the expense and complexity typically associated with other modular designs and are deployed without the utilization of cranes. 

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In addition to our in-stock fleet of modular cath labs, custom options are available to accommodate both ceiling-mounted single-plane and Bi-plane X-ray systems. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you.

Optional Equipment:


Modular Cath Lab Rental.


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